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Our DIY eBook "Facelift Your Furniture" will set you up for success with the products and steps for a painted, glazed, and distressed look.
I know better; I will not let anything go without thinking of HOW it will look like with some paint. The door on the front of this dresser is a good example of how stain will settle in deeply recessed areas. 13.  To give the drawer pulls a fresh look, start with a coat of primer, followed by a coat of spray paint, and ending with one or two coats of clear sealer.
She stripped down an old dresser with hideous paint to create a shabby, distressed French country look.

I have used it many times over in my Bedroom makeover or any other painting I do on furniture.. This time on my dresser I did not need to use it; the paint that was put on before was okay to be painted again, so I was able to skip this step. Looking at my beautiful dresser that now sits in my office and fits perfect into the space, I would have never thought it would be that simple to turn something old, trashy and just plain ugly into this beautiful piece that is now my favorite in the house. I surely would have walked by the dresser, tossed it to the road or never even gave it a second look. Facelift Your FurnitureOur user friendly DIY eBook explains step-by-step how to paint, glaze, and distress your furniture just like we do at Facelift Furniture!

I spend an afternoon putting a few coat of paint on the dresser to get away from all that pink and once it all dried, I took  sandpaper to distress areas that I wanted to look old. I am looking for 2 for various projects, and I have 3 little ones in my garage waiting for me! I would love to find something similar, although I have never painted furniture and it probably would never look as good as yours.

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