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August 12, 2011 22 Comments If you find yourself in possession of a less than desirable dresser, or a dresser that you don’t necessarily need, think about repurposing it! To help start thinking outside-the-box, I’ve gathered ideas for twelve different ways you can repurpose your dresser. Remove the drawers, add plywood or MDF to create shelves where needed, and you have a cute little bookshelf.
If you’re not afraid of a few power tools, you can transform a dresser into a leggy entryway table or sofa table.
If you’re tired of your plain builder-grade bathroom vanity, add character to your bathroom by searching Craigslist, garage sales, and flea markets for an antique dresser. Replace the top of your dresser with marble, granite, or butcherblock, and you have a unique kitchen island with storage. If you live somewhere with limited outdoor space, you can turn a dresser into a planter box or container garden. Dresser turned into a flat screen television console, a DIY project from right here on Addicted 2 Decorating. If you have cats in your home, you know how challenging it can be to find an out-of-the-way place for the litter box, especially if you happen to live somewhere without a utility room.

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Materials:*- (3) found dresser drawers***Before you get the other materials, take careful measurements and know what you're working with. A porous screen allows for some airflow, but as long as there's something for the plant to wick water from (like the pipes), it might be fine.
This is great, and I see people throwing away broken desks and chests of drawers all the time, so I can create some great wood planters. Love this….saw it done at a store on vacation last year ~ but love your dresser better Lovely!!
Dressers can be transformed and repurposed in many different ways, and can be used for much more than holding your socks and t-shirts. You can keep one or two of the drawers, or remove all of the drawers to create more shelves depending on your need. Cut a hole for the sink, re-work the top drawers and the back panel to make room for the plumbing, and you’re well on your way to a custom look for your bathroom.
Remove a few drawers and the bottom support on one side of the dresser, and you’ve got a desk.

Simply paint the dresser any color you like, and add a cushy pad on top to create a changing table (and later, just a dresser once more) that your little one can use for years beyond his diaper days. Just cut a hole in the top to plant your veggies or flowers in the top drawers, and then open the middle and bottom drawers so that they’re staggered for more planting space. Remove the top drawers and create shelves for DVD players, gaming systems, DVRs, and other electronic devices. It seems like the water is just settling in the bottom drawer, and that will rot the whole thing. And my goodness, she’s quite the eye candy, and probably has a beautiful aroma with those herbs planted in her bustier.

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