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Following the instructions on the dye packet, add the dye to a tub of water and add clothespins. Check clothespins every few minutes and remove them from the dye once desired color is achieved.
I used a piece of fabric (a t-shirt… more on that later) to help hold the wood pieces down in the water.
Well, I had several packets of dye leftover and I figured if it can dye clothes, it can dye wood!

I’ve wanted to try dying clothespins for awhile and I finally had a need for cute clothespins in our house. I recently came across a post at Raising Oranges that showed how to dye clothespins with fabric dye. I left mine in the dye for over half an hour…once you drain and rinse, the color gets a bit lighter, and I wanted mine saturated.
I picked out the orange dye color, since I knew it would match the patterned paper I planned to use later.

So in that vein, I have a quick and easy tutorial to share with you all today on how to dye clothespins, wooden tags, or other small, wooden items.

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