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A nationwide call-center fully staffed with skilled project managers experienced in all aspects of job coordination, barricade construction, and graphics production.
Floor attachment: The base of the barricade is secured to the floor using non-residue commercial grade tape.
Dust Cover: Hard lid or soft lid dust cover, sealed around the inside perimeter of the barricade. The Boston Barricade Modular Wall System is engineered to be reusable, re-buildable and 100% recyclable. The retail construction industry deploys over 6 million square feet of barricades annually.
The average drywall barricade generates approximately 600 square feet or nearly one and a half tons of solid waste for each store. BBC's solutions are not limited to retail; they are also well suited for hospitals, supermarkets, casinos, airports, and office buildings.

The Boston Barricade wall system is the best-designed, best-engineered modular enclosure system available. The aspects of our materials combine to create barricades that are good looking, durable, and ideal for all graphic applications.
Using Boston Barricade will eliminate 100% of the solid waste generated from drywall construction barricades. We review store plans, create a 3-D barricade plan, obtain all necessary approvals on graphics and design, coordinate installation and arrange take down at project completion. Top bracing: A wood or metal stud, positioned at a maximum width of 8 feet apart, attached from under the existing soffit or the bulkhead. Boston Barricade is a member of the United States Green Building Council and is active with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™. With retail construction barricades now averaging 600 square feet, choosing Boston Barricade will make a significant reduction in your job site waste stream and is a great way to start "greening" your business.

Their ability to instantly destroy bunkers and buildings made them excellent for supporting infantry.
Swing panels are double doors, which open in toward the storefront and have the option of locking from the inside of the barricade using a locking cross bar or from the face of the barricade using a dead bolt.
Using Boston Barricade instead of drywall can earn valuable "LEED CREDITS" for job site waste reduction.

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