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When Danny Seo couldn't come up with a use for the paint-splattered easel left behind in his new home, formerly owned and built by an artist, he decided to mount his Energy Star-rated flat screen TV on it. Position your TV on the easel and gradually tighten the clamping mechanism to secure the top of the screen in place. You might remember waaaaay back about this time last year I posted in excitement about wanting to turn an artist easel into a TV stand.
I had my heart set on painting the stand black, because I wanted the equipment to blend in. Next hubs drilled the frame so he could mount our center speaker for the surround sound right in the center of the stand.
I love your easel tv stand and I’ve got this linked to my media cabinets post too today, for inspiration! The service was also good, but we had to pay shipping and duty – those charges definitely added up, so make sure to factor the extra cost(s) in if you go with this stand.
And this stand has a lot of grooves, not to mention a bunch of knobs, back and front, as well as ample hardware!
I needed a stand for the TV in my basement rec room — something that I could roll around for optimum viewing and tuck away when I’m done. I began by screwing four casters to the legs of the easel and staining it with Minwax Paste Finishing Wax to give it the finished look of furniture.

There was a concern that the TV would be too top-heavy for the stand once it was mounted, making it tip forward. We used the TV’s pre-existing screw holes meant for a wall-mount bracket to attach the strapping, and wrapped it snugly over the back rest of the easel.
The TV is now firmly secured to the easel, so you can raise, lower or tilt it to suit your viewing needs.
But, of course, if you have a spare easel lying around, upcycling really is the best option. After looking high and low, I found that most TV stands were expensive and often not terribly attractive. Then, I built a bracket (see below) from a piece of 1″-thick plywood to provide extra support for the TV. Today, we have collected 10 the best DIY TV stand ideas that other folks have accomplished. And then in House & Home’s June issue this year, an art easel turned TV stand was a featured DIY project! Mounting televisions above the fireplace is considered sacrilegious to him, and he had no oil painting that would work on the easel, so it was really the perfect solution. In the end the stand got two coats, and needed some touch-ups just where the frame was adjusted once the TV was mounted.

If you need extra storage, the two supporting boards connecting the legs at the base of the easel can double as a shelf for a DVD player or cable box (add a sheet of wood here if needed). Easels come in all shapes and forms, from traditional wooden ones used by artists to decorative metal ones. A test-run proved this stand to be a lot sturdier than you would think, and with the added weight of the audio equipment on the bottom, it wasn’t going anywhere. You'll likely need to reinforce the television and the stand with some screws, so you should consider that when purchasing one for yourself (i.e. I love the sculptural feel and uniqueness of the stand, and how compact the equipment is sitting on the stand. It took up a whole wall.My brother is an art student and he called one day and said the Art Department was throwing out all their old easels.
It’s unique and sculptural and fits all your components perfectly I can imagine how much of a pain it was to paint it without getting black on all the hardware.

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