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Above: The lofty space features counters built from concrete that echo the building's exposed concrete block base.
Sprawling square footage is always nice, but when you take it on up with a mezzanine, you’ve added a whole new dimension. You wouldn’t know by looking at this photo, but this is a tiny (350-square-foot) cabin built on stilts on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.
This wooden cabin, designed by German firm Atelier St, is a weekend home in the pinewoods of the Brandenburg pine forest.

This San Francisco loft by local studio Charles de Lisle Workshop has a casual vibe, with the funky red sofas, circle rug, tall lit dining table, and raw wood staircase that leads up to the mezzanine.
He removed all of the decorative features and artificial materials acquired over the years, and stripped the building down to its framework, which happened to be made of cedar, a traditional Japanese building material. Vintage furnishings and amazing artwork dot the all-white space, which was photographed by Manolo Yllera. The mezzanine level is all open, housing the master bedroom and bathroom. A curving, floating staircase ascends to an almost catwalk-like mezzanine of dark shiny wood that contrasts with the all white interior.

The oversized window lets abundant light into the white space, which has a fun mezzanine under the pitched roof, accessed by a simple ladder. This looks such a great example of how a loft, or any smaller space can still have everything a modern home would have.

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