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A quick note: before you start building your dream Darth Vader mailbox, be sure that you check the post office regulations. And don’t forget to come share your latest and greatest home projects at our weekend party at the end of this post! All Jack’s Trades is dedicated to bringing the highest quality Custom Cedar Mailbox Systems and accessories to you ~ our valued customer. Fact is ~ The mailbox is usually the last thing thought of in landscape design, but it's the first thing guests see when arriving to your home.
Enjoy the natural characteristics and beauty of Western Red Cedar when you purchase one of our incredibly unique Custom Cedar Mailbox Systems. Cedar is also a fantastic choice for mailbox systems due to it's rugged, durable nature.
NOTE: Custom Mailbox Posts, Mailboxes, Address Numbers, Staining, and Installation are all sold separately.

The holidays are coming, so soon I hope to have a mailbox full of holiday cards from friends and family.
The party favorites are featured in next week’s Top Ten post, plus on social media and on our Reader Features pin board — come share and browse! Our custom mailbox products are crafted from the finest western red cedar available and constructed with the same approach that a cabinet maker uses in the crafting of fine cabinetry. You not only get a mailbox that can be placed on any LEVEL surface near the street, which makes for easy set-up, you also get a beautiful planter box to further enhance the quality designs All Jack's Trades is known for. Last week we had the special before-and-after link party for Habitat for Humanity with LOTS of great projects, and the week before that, our regular Remodelaholics Anonymous party was our biggest (and, dare I say best!) party yet.
See how our products have brought the appeal back to “Curb Appeal” and get use to the WOW!
The natural preservative oils and characteristic smell of cedar make it an incredible insect and rot resistant material which are some of the many reasons All Jack’s Trades uses Cedar to craft our custom mailbox products.

You may also choose to stain your custom mailbox post to further enhance the look you are trying to achieve. We have also added a rounded plant stand behind the mailbox (pot not included) that will bring your mailbox to life with live plants and flowers in the summer and fresh cut sprucetops to liven up those winter months.
Winter brings the festive colors of Christmas with cut spruce tops, pine cones, flock & garland. Simply put, this one is a must for the plant lover looking for a place to plant a few more flowers.
Whatever the season, now you have a mailbox system that will WOW the most distinguished guest.

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