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Cy started the project by building a frame above the mantle ledge to create a flat surface between the two places where the brick stuck out. The brick on top of the fireplace stuck out a bit, so Cy had to come up with a way to create a flat surface on the front. Next he covered up the mantle and the sides of the fireplace with ripped 1×6 poplar boards to fit.
Cy also cleaned out the inside of the fireplace and spray painted it with a high heat spray paint. Here we'll show you how to install a direct-vent gas fireplace and run the combination intake and exhaust vent directly through the exterior wall. Mock up the fireplace using the dimensions given in fireplace brochures and outline the hearth shape with masking tape. When you're satisfied with the aesthetics of the fireplace, turn your attention to the mechanical requirements.
I built them by cutting the two pieces of MDF to size and then attaching them at a right angle using the ol’ Kreg Jig and some wood glue (just to be safe).

As you can see from the view from above, the MDF frame fits snugly right around the original brick fireplace (which turned out to be pretty gross-looking under the old mantel that we tore off – surprise!). The whole trim process actually went pretty quickly, so we even had time to start caulking some of the seams before the bean woke up from her nap and asked us what we were building now (true story). Hire a plumber to run the gas line during the framing process and connect it to the fireplace ($250 to $500). Build a simple mock-up to get a feel for the amount of space it takes up and to see how the angled placement will affect furniture arrangement and traffic patterns (Photo 1). That’s because the brick fireplace flared out right under the mantel and got thinner towards the floor (from the side it was actually pretty top-heavy). As for how long it took to build out, I’d estimate that it was around 6 hours (we usually work for 2 hours while Clara sleeps, so there were 3 solid days of that schedule).
My mother’s fireplace needs to be redone big time and I was thinking we would have to go out and buy a whole mantle piece but this is much better. I need to hunt down that dark paint color because I want to paint my interior doors and love how your front door looks.

Not only does gas burn much cleaner, making it a better choice for the environment, but there are no messy logs to carry through the house or ashes to clean out.
Then plan to spend an entire weekend framing and installing drywall and a few hours each day for the rest of the week troweling on additional coats of joint compound.
Sorry, I’m still getting used to how good she looks while shooting nails into things.
For fire safety, however, make sure to heed the manufacturer's directions on clearances for combustibles. For $650 more, our fireplace dealer would have installed the fireplace, not including the gas and electric hookups or any interior finishing.

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