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As I tucked Grace into her toddler bed one night and she stretched out I noticed that there was 2, maybe 3 inches left before she would touch top to bottom.
And that was when I thought of some of the hanging beds I’ve been seeing online, lately. In an attempt to optimize floor space, an enterprising Redditor with user name ‘Virian’ has constructed a uniquely functional, yet playful hanging loft bed for his son.
This innovative DIY bed design is not only incredibly space-saving, but is a fun single bunk bed option for kids. Stained 1x10s, attached to the outer edges of the bed using screws and finishing nails, create a kind of raised casing required to keep the mattress in place.
A ladder, made with 1×4 posts and 1” dowels (for the steps), is installed at one end of the bed, thus allowing access to the floating lofted bed.
Caulking seals the gaps between the joints, while the bottom of the bed is coated with white paint to give the whole thing a clean and polished finish. Although the suspended loft bed is a cleverly engineered and executed DIY project, we do have a few doubts regarding its design.

Regardless, this ingeniously-crafted hanging loft bed is an excellent space-optimization tool for college dorm rooms, and for anyone crunched for space. Those two big square things in the photo below are their old beds, in case you were wondering. There’s a radiator under both of the windows, and those windows happen to frame the most ideal spot for a bed.
While the wooden framework of the bed is secured to the wall by means of lag bolts, it derives additional support from a sturdy chain hooked onto one of its corners. The platform is painted in the color of the adjacent walls, and the chain is finally fastened to the hook protruding from the bed frame. Cooking, running and fitness, crafting, DIY projects, homeschool, managing my daughters Type 1 diabetes, photography, and just life in general as I see it from the perspective of a stay at home mother of 3.
A simple floating platform secured to the wall on two sides and the free corner hanging from chain.
The next step is hanging the last unsupported corner from the ceiling – a bit nerve-wracking considering my 1940-era ceiling!

An 800 lbs-rated proof coil chain, suspended via an eye-bolt drilled into the ceiling joist and then clamped to one end of the wood skeleton, keeps the bed afloat.
You’ll need to attach the long board to the long wall first, temporarily, with framing nails, then do the same with the short board at the head of the bed.
Also, we’ll build a simple rail for the sides and something crazy fun to go between the beds.
Monkey bars lol they would probably climb across the top to each others beds using it as a bridge. After attaching the 4x4s, measure the top of the bed again and cut that from the plywood and nail it down.

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