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UPDATE: for that that asked, here is a shot of a crossgrain cut on the face veneer that shows a negligible difference to the cut quality. Ian, this mostly comes with practice but with a saw that is tuned properly and a light grip on the handle the saw will want to stay to a line in both dimensions. Frankly if you do a lot of plywood work then you might want to reconsider ditching the table saw.
Step 6Use a handsaw to cut out the pencil pattern, beginning with the apex of the boomerang and going along the arms. Step 8Keeping the plywood clamped, saw the left hand exterior arm of the boomerang at an angle so that the arm will taper up along the side. Pictured here is the back side of the cut that usually tears the most as the saw exits the wood.

I have as similar saw, it’s not a beauty but sharpened somewhere around 10 ppi crosscut too.
I had been using my Irwin hard point saw for ply fearing it would blunt my normal saw too fast and it leaves a mess. Place the tip of the pattern at the center of the grain at the top of the piece of plywood.
The Saw-Max can make straight cuts, flush cuts and plunge cuts so no need for multiple tools.
I have gotten much worse quality cuts from my old table saw and even my fancy Festool track saw.
One of the most important things I’ve learned in the last month and reafirmed here is not to strangle the tote while sawing.

Saw the interior of the right hand arm, which has the exterior leading edge, into a long taper.
No blue tape on the cut line, no zero clearance support underneath, just a well tuned saw with a tooth geometry well suited for the task at hand. Rotate the saw and cut the interior of the left hand side into a sharper, steeper include to make the interior leading edge. Cut the basic shape of a returning boomerang from a piece of plywood following an approximated boomerang pattern.

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