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Recycled flooring manufacturer Staybull Flooring is working to cut out the waste cycle in the flooring industry by salvaging over 20 species of discarded lumber from mills across the world. The strips are fused together with VOC-free adhesives and finished to create an eco-friendly flooring product with many benefits. The material has an extended lifespan compared to concrete installations and features a unique, mosaic-like aesthetic. Green Hardwood FloorsNovelty Flooring can create floor finishes to achieve a variety of Green Hardwood Floors to match your interior.
In North America, polyurethane varnish is used almost exclusively as a wood floor finish, but floor oils are gaining in popularity.
If there is a 'pro' to oil based varnishes, it is that they can bring out a bit more colour from woods, and leave your floor a bit warmer looking in colour. Bamboo is a very durable natural flooring material and produces a harder surface than maple and oak flooring. Each hardwood has its own unique appeal and all our woods can be used in different floor designs and we can even design features specifically for your home, giving your hardwood floor true distinction.
We work hard to ensure every project we work on is completed to standards of the highest caliber and the result is a long history of satisfied customers who continue to take pleasure in their wood floor many years after the installation.

Small dents can be repaired with any leftover oil, as freshly exposed wood will not have the existing product preventing the bond from happening. On the contrary, companies like Staybull Flooring have a wide selection to choose from, including exotic woods like African Mahogany and Brazillian Cherry. The near future, unless one of your shop teacher and furniture builder green wood floor finishes you won’t ever get.
As eco-conscious as I am, I never realized that flooring makers didn’t use all the lumber that was available.
There are durable floor finishes available that will protect your indoor air quality and look great in the process. It is a green flooring option which is made from natural material like resin, wood & cork flour, linseed, jute as well as ecologically responsible pigments.
The customer reviews we have found are great, and we now have it on the floor at the Ecohome office.
In fact, attempting to apply a second coat is pointless as the oil bonds with the wood on a molecular level and once it cures the wood will reject any additional oil. Everyone loves it, the air quality is great, and after 5 months, high traffic areas still have water beading up on top.

Bamboo flooring combines the inherent renewable characteristics of bamboo with low emission glues and surface coatings.
Ultimately this means less work and less money for a great looking, easily repairable non-toxic floor.
Unlike Reclaimed Wood mentioned above, Recycled Wood is made from scraps that sawmills discard. The material that is too small to make flooring planks is used for paper, chopsticks, or toothpicks. Linoleum flooring is available in a wide range of vibrant colors which do not fade with time.

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