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This DIY birdhouse project incorporates the green roof concept, helping to keep the birds inside cooler in the summer heat.Print By Dottie BaltzBuilders know that “green roofs” help keep houses cooler. Step 9Run a bead of glue along the peaked edge of the top of the birdhouse base and center the roof panels on top. Step 11To hang the birdhouse, attach a metal mending brace to the back of the top near the peak of the roof.
Step 12If you need to add drainage holes in the roof, do it in the overhang portion so that birds inside the house stay nice and dry.
More Backyard ProjectsChandelier Birdhouse and PlanterWith just a few tweaks to a rummage sale find, you can create this elegant planter that also doubles as a birdhouse. Pinned Octagon Birdhouse Plans instruction manual eBay Green Roof Birdhouse Birds & Blooms green roof birdhouse plans.
Swedish birds are provided green roof insulation (above) at the Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden in Malmo, Sweden–the world’s first botanical roof garden, located atop the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute.
Kinsman Company offers a green roof bird house of rot-resistant western red cedar hand-crafted at their warehouse in Tillamook, Oregon.

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Glue the cleat you made to the bottom of the back of the birdhouse so that the birdhouse will hang flat against a post or tree.
Boast ampere Bodoni contrive the house is type A miles away from those pitched roof the company also makes the Zozio a cool birdhouse with ampere built in planter green roof birdhouse plans. Situated within a residential neighborhood atop industrial buildings, the extensive roof garden is designed as both a demonstration garden and a research garden, testing various plants, engineered soils, and water runoff. The best plants to use for green roofs on your bird table are sedums, as they can withstand drought and grow in poor soil. Measure the roof of your bird house and cut some plastic sheeting to fit over it–this will act as a waterproof membrane. Cut the water-retentive matting to fit over the plastic sheeting and fix it to the roof of the bird house with galvanised tacks. Use a craft knife to cut the sedum matting to size, then lay it over the roof of the bird house.

His Museum Birdhouse, according to the designer, is designed to attract nuthatches, chickadees, wrens, swallows, and other small birds that will use a nest box.
Raumhochrosen’s functional architectural replicas for the birds could use some green roof planting, maybe a few trees. This green roof birdhouse is surprisingly easy to build, and you can choose to grow grass, succulents, moss or other small plants right on top.
Once the roof is in place, attach the long metal flashing to the center of the peaked roof using a bead of silicone and six flashing nails.
The research is ongoing and test gardens reflect different green roof systems by various designers. You begin by soaking the wood well with water, then filling the roof tray with moist potting mix.

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