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When we got the wood in the shop, I didn’t let practical considerations slow me down. After the wood sat for several weeks in the shop, I was ready to start work on the table in earnest. American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014.
With a single slab of wood, your only task is to present the natural beauty of the wood in the best way possible, despite all its inherent defects, such as loose bark pockets, rough edges, dirt, checks and cracks.

With all my thoughts on possessing that piece of wood, I neglected to plan ahead and be ready for its arrival. Totally intoxicated by what was inside the crate, I felt a burning desire to see the wood, now! Now, the plank was mobile, the edges protected and the wood at a height where we could easily lift and turn it for inspection.
When the wood arrived at my door (Photo 2), I quickly realized that building with a single rough slab requires a completely different approach than working with individual boards.

My heart sank at what I saw: an enormous slice of tree that looked more like clay than a beautiful figured piece of wood (Photo 3). I even used a jigsaw to cut a free-form edge and then a gouge to mimic the bark edge (Photo 12).

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