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Go Kart Building 203: The Next Step In Drive System Design: Making a smoke proof drive line (Includes graphs and programs!) FOR FREE!
Getting the steering geometry correct on your Kart is one of the most important consideration when designing the frame.
The Jig for the frame is very important, it holds all your frame parts so they don't move and keeps every thing flat, straight and square.
You kart will need a floor so weld in some tabs so it can be bolted on with 6mm bolts and nylock nuts. Painting a gokart frame is is quite difficult as there are so many tubes and funny angles for you to miss. We were lucky enough to get to a few hours at a race track, and the Kart preformed really well, despite the photos due to a crappy camera!

In 2015 the year 10s designed and built another kart, this one a little different, as it has a CVT gear box. Hi I'm trying to build a go kart just a regular old school style I have a full frame steering just need a motor and new tires. Hii i want to make a go kart and have decided to power it with a 220cc four stroke 21 bhp engine from a bike..
Go Kart Building 201: Go Kart Drives Basics (Shows how to calculate and design a drive system) FOR FREE! Thanks to your instructions on how to make it work, I now have drawn up plans for a new go kart that will have 15hp.
The pieces of 2 by 20 by inch of wood are stood up against the main frame, as a substitute for the brakes.

Their task is to work as a team to research, design and build a go kart, using sound engineering principals. As this is a student project the frame must be kept as simple as possible, so that students can build the kart with minimal tools, and with in the time frame allocated.

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