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I’ve always thought it might be helpful to have a way of determining the identity and style of a chair by using visual means rather than by memorizing the names of all sorts of periods and styles. Well, I haven’t accomplished anything like that, but I have come across a series of plates in the book Furniture Designing and Draughting, by Alvan Crocker Nye, published in 1907. The plans of stretchers show how the reinforcing bracing of the legs can be arranged in either a box (trapezoid), an H, or an X (or cross) configuration.
Finally, the last column shows us different seat plans: square, trapezoid, triangle, circle, a circle and rectangle composite, and a circle and curves composite. In the bottom right corner of the plate are four outlines of top rail shapes: horizontal, triangular, trapezoidal, and circular.

Totally posting on the inside of our chair storage for our interns (and designers) to use as a reference, Great and useful article thank you Mr.Hart. This site is a way to share my work and the things I've learned over the years, and to connect with other prop makers, props masters, and artisans. In the top row, we see side elevations of a chair with a straight back and straight legs, an inclined back with straight legs, an inclined back with back legs inclined, and the back and all legs inclined. As a props person, we are often faced with an existing chair, or picture of a chair, and we need to discern its style so we can find more like it. If you remove ornamentation and look at just the basic shapes, you can design almost any chair from Western furniture history simply by picking and combining these variations.

In the second row, we see the back inclined and legs crossed, than front elevations showing an upright form, an inclined form, and finally an X or scissor form. The two plans below it show how the arms curve out so the space between the arms is wider than the shape of the seat at the back.
Even with the rudimentary distillations of chair design in  these plates, you can create 486,000 distinct-looking chairs.

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