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If the veneer is still in tact and I can’t slide something under it, I leave it alone! I used a razor blade to cut a slit in the raised veneer then carefully peeled it back until I reached a point of stability. I have a table with a veneer top that someone tried to sand and it must have been too thin of veneer and now I have to (about the size of a quarter) dark brown spots on the top of the table.
I’ve probably tried them all and had success with each…well, except for patching with more veneer!
We want even the damaged parts to be pretty and you just can’t do much to pretty that up!

If your damage is as extensive as this one was, the filler required would be too large and would look totally different if stained. For this post, I chose my go-to route for repairing missing and damaged veneer on a bed and a chest. Hold down the stable part of the veneer with your free hand then snap the loose veneer to that point. Before we jump into the pic heavy post, let me answer the most asked question about damaged veneer.
If you don’t put enough filler on, you will be sanding into the existing veneer later.

Finally, that tiny amount of veneer poking out will eventually get caught on everything that dares brush by it!

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