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The floor, above, appears to be full sheets of birch plywood with exposed screws and using just a urethane finish.  This is from Luminhaus. The floor, below, uses biscuit joins to create a 2’ x2’ plywood floor without any exposed hardware.  It uses a very similar technique as the first image but with smaller tiles and a different plywood veneer. We did the same (see comment below), and the wood finisher guy said with the super strong sealant (which stunk up the house for 3 days – no joke), it can last about 5 years. Just make sure you clean the crap out of the floor before you paint…and wait for it to dry longer then you think you need to. Then, I vacuumed the entire floor (including the gaps between planks) with a shop vac to prepare for the clear coat.
I originally planned to just use satin, but the same floor pros mentioned above recommended 2 coats of semi-gloss followed by 2 coats of satin.
You will have problems if you lay your flooring directly on concrete…the plywood will deteriorate. After you have this wooden false floor in place on top of the concrete, you can nail on your plywood planks. We whitewashed the flooring then went over it with the floor sander before applying 5 coats of satin finish water based urethane.

Once the VCT and the ant-riddled plywood were removed, we discovered the original pine plank subfloor was not salvageable. Annoyingly, the plywood sheets had all had several stickers (including a stupid, pointless QR code that NO ONE WILL EVER USE, EVER) on the GOOD side, and no amount of picking, scraping, Goo-Gone-ing or kerosine-ing (!) could remove them. We borrowed a compressor and a nail gun, and Evan and I had the entire floor down in about 6 hours — and that’s including the time-consuming stuff like using a jigsaw to cut out shapes for pipes.
We did this in the bedroom of our last house and I loved how it looked – our friend laid the boards in a great pattern with brass screws, and we had a super-shiny finish applied. If you don’t want the expense of two layers of plywood, you can stain or paint and finish the plywood subfloor sheets, but of course you will not have the look of planks. We knew we still wanted to have a wood plank floor, though, so we planned to buy cheap pine tongue and groove and paint it. It made the room GLOW – it made a bungalow bedroom look like a million bucks, and it was mere hundreds of dollars for 400 square feet versus thousands for other type of flooring. There are some scratches from the claws of the 100lb dog but that is to be expected on any wood floor. You can lay down a moisture barrier fabric and then use lumber to create framing (basically you are creating floor joists) on top of the concrete and moisture barrier.

I stuck them to the concrete floor with glue (don’t know the english name, sorry) but I have also tried double sided tape.
The paint has worn away a bit where my stools sit and scrape the floor all day but the veneer of the plywood beneath the missing paint is still in great shape. The added bonus of framing and installing a plywood subfloor is the room will stay warmer and the floor will be softer and more forgiving underoot than if you had laid it directly on the concrete. We’ve been saving for wood floors but this seems like such a nice, affordable option. I get compliments on the maple plywood whenever someone sees them in my home for the first time.
Even though we didn’t wind up buying the house, those cost-saving white plywood floors stayed filed away in my mind for future reference.
Supposedly, plywood doesn’t shrink and expand like wood, but we still let it acclimate to be on the safe side.

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