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King Hickory Sofa ConstructionQuality construction is one of the main concerns for the buyers at our store. The quality story at King Hickory is extensive, utilizing the finest traditions of quality and dependability. Understanding solid wood furniture construction and how it compares with veneered furniture construction is challenging even for furniture specialists.
The answer is that both veneered and solid wood construction are good ways in which to make exceptional furniture.
All wood used for furniture construction needs to be properly dried to a certain humidity level to help prevent the wood from splitting.
Even finished furniture can develop open cracks where heat and humidity fluctuations cause the wood grain to open in what is known as a “season crack”.
You may be bombarded with advertising suggesting that solid wood furniture is made from “pure” wood and is therefore better quality.
Upholstered backs utilize combinations of foam and poly based on the same construction and size needed to create the shape required.
Dining chairs have corner blocks that are secured by screws and glue, lag bolts (attached through the corner block into each post) and double dowel construction as standard.

Spring down seat cushion construction has a Marshall unit in the center that consists of an inner spring unit that is wrapped with 3 layers of cotton with the final wrap of Dacron. The strongest type of bed construction includes two bolts in each corner to prevent the bed from shaking. Fine Furniture Design® builds a center support and adds an extra leg to support the weight on the floor.
We encourage bed shoppers to look at the internal construction of the beds they’re considering. Fine Furniture Design® furniture uses both construction techniques, and you’ll find that most fine-quality furniture requires some solid wood and some veneered parts. It is important to keep furniture in places where it isn’t exposed to excessive heat, cold, dryness or humidity. Quality furniture manufacturers use this to their advantage by gluing pieces of wood together to shape parts for furniture. Quality furniture is made with solid woods, veneered woods, and a variety of other materials. Excellent bed construction relies on bolts, a bed slat truss system, plywood bed slats affixed on edge, and a center support for the mattress and box spring.

Fine Furniture Design® uses this principle to its advantage by gluing together many strips of wood to create bed slats. Fine Furniture Design® uses plastic to keep its unfinished parts at the proper humidity level, and clean as they move through manufacturing. Some solid-wood furniture is well constructed from kiln-dried woods and is an excellent choice for your home.
We’ll explore solid wood construction in this section of the web site and invite you to click on Veneer Construction for an in-depth look at veneers. Once finish is applied, furniture is less susceptible to cracks from changes in temperature and humidity, but it should be protected from extreme elements. Other solid-wood furniture is better suited for the backyard or for a picnic in a nearby park shelter.

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