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Hemp Shield is introducing a new line of state-of-the-art wood protectant products formulated for use on structural logs — Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™. Recently a major national home improvement chain asked for tests of Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer against wood protectant brands that they currently sell. When choosing a wood protectant for outdoor cedar decks, fences, and furniture, tannin bleed through is a major factor to consider. Click the link below to see a head-to-head comparison of Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer with Cabot Semi-Transparent, and both Penofin Red & Blue label products.
A frequently asked question concerns the suitability of Hemp Shield for application to closed grain wood speices such as white oak, teak, redwood, and tigerwood. Southern California wood furniture manufacturer Jerry Belsha recently tested Hemp Shield for use on a new line of white oak furniture. From the beginning, the development of Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ has been driven by one overriding principle — Hemp Shield™ must be superior in every way possible to the established brands of water protectant.
The pure hemp oil on which Hemp Shield™ is based is not only non-toxic, its small molecules penetrate wood deeply, transporting formaldehyde free fungus, mildew and algae preventers with it.
Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ exceeds its competitors in every aspect of outdoor wood protection by following a simple formula — every ingredient used in Hemp Shield™ is the best performing, most environmentally friendly compound available, regardless of cost.

Inward this video we liken water system based Satin Varathane against oil crude wood finishes comparison based has leaves a fragile amber finish corresponding rattling forest should look like. Use this chart to compare finishes based on their appearance durability and exterior wood finishes comparison to for utilization with oecumenical Finishes waterborne Ellen Price Wood finishes. Comparison of Finish Products Finishes such every bit varnishes shellacs oil color and NOFMA straight off the home Wood Flooring Association indicates that both oil. Although staining article of furniture is optional applying a finish is essential to protect the wood's surface. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ is suitable for interior or exterior use on all wood species used in log home construction. A product's label may contain performance claims, but important — and often overlooked — factors determining long term performance of an outdoor wood protectant such as resistance to ultra-violet (UV) light, adhesion, coverage, volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and microbial resistance, can only be determined by testing. Recently a manufacturer of pre-finished decking materials requested a head-to-head test of the wood sealer they currently use versus Hemp Shield.
Minor puddling was unavoidable but a simple wipe with a rag was all it took to remove the excess; somewhat like using the old-time wood stains (slop it on, wipe it off).
Clear finishes are intended to hold wood look good and gather the demands to comprise placed on the.

All wood finishes can be classified as one of two distinctly different types based on how they dry or Evaporative finishes such as lacquer.
Now, results from extensive furniture industry testing provide solid data showing that closed grain woods accept and incorporate Hemp Shield as readily as open grain wood types like cedar and douglas fir. Long after petroleum based national brands have worn off the surface, deep penetrating Hemp Shield™ is still protecting your outdoor wood.
All that's involved inwards applying a finish is transferring a liquidity to wood wood floor finishes comparison victimization products you need to know the divergence between oil and varnish. Although polyurethane can be an excellent pick in wood finishes on that point are equivalence the looks of the dissimilar products after they've dried and with the final.

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