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Whether you choose a traditional WOODBURNIG SAUNA STOVE or an easier ELECTRIC SAUNA HEATER, you will find the same distinguished Harvia sauna spirit in your OUTODOOR sauna. A 100% Genuine Finnish Outdoor Sauna ruggedly built in 45mm Solid Log - the time-honoured, traditional and proper way to build an Outdoor Sauna! The delivery package includes all the necessary wood, roof and fastening materials and, according to your choice, a woodburning sauna stove with steel chimney or an electric sauna heater. Now you can experience the same atmosphere with Harvia OUTDOOR sauna models: KUIKKA, KEITELE and SAIMAA. Sauna tents do not get as hot as traditional saunas (they only get up to a maximum of 130 degrees Fahrenheit). A pre-cut sauna kit will give you the exact same outcome as a pre-built sauna kit would give you. Although modest levels of water will evaporate quickly from a sauna floor, caution should be taken in saunas with no floor drain as to never pour excessive levels of water over the sauna heater all at once.Wall FramingYou can easily build the stud framework for your outdoor sauna right on the ground outside of the sauna base. In a dry sauna, the heat is far more tolerable, as the heat is reaching it quickly and precisely thereby generating results more quickly.When humidity exists, the body is cooled and toxins leave in much exactly the same manner as with a dry sauna because the body sweats. All Cedarbrook outdoor sauna kits are made of 100% Western Red Cedar — even the frame!
Package Pricing allow you by only the sauna with no heater or accessories, and a few other combinations. Ventilation system built-in — A sliding, adjustable inlet and outlet system ensures that your sauna maintains a uniform temperature, conserves energy, and provides a fresh oxygen supply.
Electrical, gas or wood-burning sauna heater substitutions are always an option regardless if they are offered above. If you would like to customize your home sauna layout, or if you would like to make substitutions or deletions, please call us anytime.

Home Sauna Room Advantages — Reviews the advantages of having a sauna in your home, such as cost, comfort, privacy, ambiance and convenience.
A sauna kit assembled with pre-made insulated cedar panels forming the walls, ceiling, and roof.
The Harvia OUTDOOR sauna package delivery is much more than just the sauna building itself! Using our design and build system, to create a unique traditional sauna, is simple and low cost.
Whether next to your swimming pool, in your green garden or in the middle of a humming forest, a Harvia OUTDOOR sauna offers you authentic, peaceful moments of enjoyment. You can only fit one person in a sauna tent.Sauna tents are the cheapest option available for adding a sauna to your home. You can use a sauna as your own personal meditation space or you can use it as a method of entertainment for your friends and family.The availability of sauna kits has made it possible for the average person to install their own sauna outside of their home. All you need is a screw gun to fasten the panels to the bottom and top rails, slide and secure the ceiling panels atop the walls and you have a sturdy outdoor sauna room! You can enhance your sauna by substituting another sauna heater, height of your sauna room, flooring and wall windows. Permanent installation.Precut sauna kits convert a current room, closet, shed, or small room into a sauna room. Sauna tents are perfect if you do not have enough room to install a sauna cabinet, precut, or prefab sauna kit. Some towns will have certain restrictions on the size, location, and type of sauna that you are installing at your home.You have to select a location that makes sense because you will need to lay out a foundation for your sauna kit.
The main difference between a dry and wet sauna is the water that is splashed over the rocks in a sauna that’s not dry.

Our standard rooms have clear cedar tongue and groove (T&G) interiors and knotty bevel siding exteriors. Our standard rooms have clear cedar tongue and groove interiors and knotty bevel siding exteriors. You will need to add insulation to the walls to accommodate your new sauna kit.To consider this kit, you will first have to completely measure the walls in the room you want to convert to a sauna.
It is also the cheapest option available.Infrared Sauna CabinetsAn infrared sauna cabinets are complete sauna kits that fit between 2-4 people. In a sauna that is dry, there is no water, merely heated rocks.You sweat when you are sitting inside of a wet sauna. Keep in mind that installation is much more difficult than with a pre-fabricated modular sauna.
Sauna cabinets are the easiest to install, and require the least amount of time to get up and running.
As having a wet sauna, using a dry sauna will cause sweating to happen, hence invoking a number the same benefits of using a wet sauna. Sauna cabinets are very bulky and heavy but they can be moved if necessary.Sauna tents and cabinets are small, portable units that offer the most convenience and accessibility. Most sauna cabinet kits are comprised of 2-4 main pieces, making for a simple and quick installation. These kits are perfect if you have a small home or condo and want to add the luxury of a sauna.Infrared Sauna TentsYou can sit down and chill while enjoying the sauna experienceInfrared sauna tents are the simplest sauna kits available today.

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