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I was just at The Home Depot the other day, and spotted these gorgeous 4?4 posts (been lusting after Crate and Barrel’s Big Sur Table for the longest time).
A word of warning though, like the console table I haven't actually built this yet and so I don't make any guarantees. Before we get started, the shelves & side panels on this table are going to be two 1x10s side by side (shown above). Attach the stile (E) between the legs on the front of the table (since all the sides are the same size, you can just pick one to be the front!). Our first finished end table was submitted by Tim - He used an oiled walnut finish with a solid walnut frame and walnut veneer on the sides, door, and top. I've been staring at side, coffee, and console table plans for MONTHS trying to decide which one I could attempt to modify to build that would be perfect. I have been looking all over for end tables small enough to fit in the tight spaces of my living room and found that the really inexpensive ones look extremely cheap and would be goners in no time and the really nice ones start at around $150.00!

My wife wanted a side table for her books and a place to sit her tea or coffee while reading. I just purchased 2 tables from a higher end department store that looked EXACTLY like this (minus color) and paid way more than what I would have if built. It's the end table that matches the coffee & console tables I've made plans for already. You'll need a set for each drawer, and they need to be installed at the proper height for you type of glides.
You may want to go ahead and build the drawers & install the glides before installing the shelf so you can get to the supports more easily. Use a Kreg Jig if you have one, if not I would glue them together and let the rest of the drawer box hold them together.
Have been bugging him for weeks to make use of our headboard, and this end table will be perfect in our living room.

I'm re-doing my room and I'm going to make this with my dad for a nightstand and painting it pink! I love how these pieces combine hidden storage & open shelving, and I love the clean modern lines (especially combined with a traditional finish). If you have a kreg jig you can attach the two shelf boards together (D), otherwise just set them in place separately.
Set panels flush with outside edges of the table and screw through legs and rails to attach. My youngest son loves to play with the remotes and they very often get stashed in the couch cushions, a high shelf, anywhere that he won't find them.

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