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These simple pergola plans use trellis for the roof instead of many of the rafters, cutting down on the quantity of materials, time, effort and brain power. See the 'Fantastic Offers' page for more bargains on pergola kits, tools and all things gardening! With all the correct tools and materials at hand, this pergola should also only take a day to build, at the most.

I am currently building a pergola to connect my house to the garden, and I was a little unsure about some details concerning the rafters.
Also, find more specific information within the plans themselves.Adapting the plans is easy. Both sets of plans are fully adaptable, the only restriction of Design 1 being the size of trellis you are able to source.

To make your pergola a unique and interesting garden structure, use one of the 18 free rafter tail templates to give it a real 'Wow' factor.

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