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Our power woodworking tools and hand tools, especially planers, routers, tablesaws, miter saws, and sanders make wood dust. This auction for woodworking dust collectors gives quality companies, including Jet woodworking equipment. Airex Model DCCH 24 Dust Collector collecting wood dust from a kitchen cabinet manufacturing facility. Sternvent Model CYH 3620 54 Cyclone Dust Collector with a Sternvent Afterfilter Model AFAE5612 collecting wood dust. Sternvent Cyclone Model CYH4460 Dust Collector with a Sternvent Baghouse as an afterfilter collecting wood dust from a Cabinet Shop.
Sternvent Cyclone Model CYC3015 Dust Collector with Afterfilter collecting wood dust from a Cabinet Shop.

Sternvent Cyclone Model CYA 4400 Dust Collector with Afterfilter collecting wood dust from a Carpentry Shop. Why would any body complain about EYE PROTECTION, if there is no one spec of dust, nobody works= no need for eye protection!
Dust collectors can be as simple as a Shop Vac or as complex as a huge baghouse for manufacturing plants. I recommend you buy Woodshop Dust Control: A Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Own System which is a great book showing you how to design your own dust collection system. American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014. The sky really is the limit so use some of the following information and your imagination to come up with a great dust collection system.Dust CollectorsThe heart of any dust collection system is a dust collector.

I recommend you buy Clear Flexible Dust Collection Hose so you can see any blockages that might occur. Unfortunately, few realize that medical investigation shows there is no harmless amount of fine dust exposure.
Even if your shop is shoehorned into a corner of your basement or garage, you can still enjoy the benefits of central dust collection.
The fully featured, small-shop dust-collection system shown in this story was designed following five simple rules, and it fits in one stall of a two-car garage, where the machines have to be moved against the walls to accommodate a car.

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