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If you love your pet and you love your home, chances are you’ve been frustrated by the challenge of finding pet accessories that work with your decor. Next, working on one of the pieces of fabric you cut for the sides of the bed, fold the piece of fabric in half to determine its middle and mark that spot with a pin. Begin by placing two side pieces together with their short edges aligned (and right sides of the fabric facing in). I’m getting a puppy soon and have been so overwhelmed with all the preparations — and prices! Our local Walmart sells fabric by the yard, and they have that pattern fabric, in two color choices! For this wingback chair project, it will be easier if you don’t match patterns and colors. Skipping this step could cause your seams to bunch when you launder the finished bed in the future. Center the handle over the middle point, and tape it in place with a bit of a bend in the leather so the handle will bow out.
I used fiber-fill, but you could also consider options like special filling made for pet beds that contains cedar chips (like this one), or you could recycle filling from something else, like an old bean bag or a pillow. Of course my cat would assume it’s a new bed for me, and make herself at home in the middle of my bed instead.

Our lovely dog destroys her bed once in a while so sewing up a new one will be much cheaper for us (and I can choose the fabric I want, as previously said in the post). The leather handle is so sweet, but I know my dogs would have a heyday, until it’s ripped off and chewed up. I made my dog a bed with one side canvas for warmer weather and the other side fake shearling for colder temps. It provides for a softer ride when they are traveling in the back of the truck, especially for the older dog. It worked very well and let me make a totally waterproof cushion for the dog bed in the large doghouse we owned.
It’s super easy to sew your own pet bed, which you can customize with a fabric that suits your room and a filling that your pet will love. However, I should really attempt to tackle making one without the handle… My boy’s bed is desperately calling out to be replaced, so might be a good time to DIY! Made the joining strip around the outside out of leftover sofa fabric and stuffed it (and I mean STUFFed) with a couple of fluffy pillows from the box store. Also thank you Debbie for your suggestion, it’s a must because our dog loves the mud. Dog Bed: Stitch a cozy spot for Rover to rest in a combination of muted plaids and solid flannels.

In this post I’ll show you how to make a simple bed that you can easily sew in any size and with a trick for making sharp corners that will look totally pro. Shop the official site for Vogue Patterns sewing patterns from Donna Karan, Ralph Rucci and more. Please note that our team (writers, moderators and guests) deserve the same right to speak and respond as you do, and your comments may be responded to or disagreed with. First, let’s be real here, I am not paid to review machines nor do I have any affiliation with any sewing machine manufacturer or shop. These guidelines help us maintain a safe space and work toward our goal of connecting with and learning from each other. Join Discussions, buy patterns and read thousands of reviews for patterns and sewing machines.

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