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A good bottle of wine has always been an appropriate present for a dinner party and given the many family holidays this season, you must have gathered quite an impressive wine collection. If you are looking for a fun and easy project to tackle I’d highly recommend building a pallet wine rack. Add your two spacers to the bottom of your piece like seen below The spacers are 3 inches wide and provide space to slide in the bottom of the wine glasses. We used a stud finder to determine where the studs were and simply used screws to attach the rack to the wall on the studs which were 16 inches on center. My husband is fond of drinking on weekends so I decided to make a pallet wine rack for the wine bottles and also to hang the glasses with it. I sandpaper the rack because the reclaimed re-purposed pallet would have stains on it so in order for it to get smooth I decided not to paint it but to keep it natural. If you are a wine lover you might even have some rare vintages at home, gathering dust and waiting to be opened for a special occasion.

We got an inkling for a project this weekend and thought about how cool a wine rack made out of an old pallet would be.
Below is a photo of a pallet we found behind a local hardware store in our home town of Bozeman, Montana. I hanged the rack in my living room in the corner wall and placed all the wine bottles in it. It is a good idea to ask the manager in the store prior to taking any pallets in case they are still using them.
By doing so, you not only get to show off your wine collection, but you’ll also have another piece to decorate your home with. In the photo below we are experimenting with spacing to decide how big to create the wine rack.
You could also use a mixture of steel wool and vinegar to age the wood, similar to how I finished the farm table.

I gathered some pallet slabs and joined them together by making the design as a shelf covering the front so that the bottles get a support.
For an additional personal touch, make your own wine racks with the help from these top 10 DIY wine rack projects.
Within a half hour  we found a great looking pallet and were on our way to starting the project. Retail stores get shipments in on pallets frequently and are usually happy to give away their extra pallets.

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