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You can make these out of any kind of wood, with any color combination, or just leave them raw. Kathleen is the crafter behind Snowdrop and Company – a DIY craft blog for parties, holidays, gifting, and home decor. Kathleen is the crafter behind Snowdrop and Company – a DIY craft blog for parties, holidays, gifting, and home decor. Subscribe to our mailing list to find out about new products, trends, community favorites, and DIY crafts! I made mine a bit exaggerated in size, but you can use a thinner piece of wood for a more standard napkin ring size.

Clamp each piece of wood down one at a time, and drill a hole through the center of the wood.
Once sealant is dry, paint the insides of the rings with acrylic paint and set them aside to dry. Thanks for the idea, I have lots of wood scraps and never found a napkin holder I like; now the creative juices are are flowing.
For porous surfaces like wood, you will need to apply a layer of sealant to the edges of the wood and allow it to dry before applying the gold leaf adhesive. Simply make as many as you need and pair them with your favorite napkins for instant table decor.

Such is the case with today’s two DIY projects, which use this lovely old fence wood and a couple random materials I had lying around.
I decided to turn them into abstract napkin rings, with rough gold edges and a glacial blue pop of color in the center.

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