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Some of them are nothing more than little water heaters; while others can heat whole houses efficiently using rocket stove design principles.
I’ve made a number of these stoves over the years, hacked out of tin cans and other bits of scrap.
About 6 years ago, with the cost of heating my house rising, I began looking at designs for wood stoves.
Gas bottle wood burners are very easy to make, efficient, and are perfect for late night parties. My Goal: To build a wood burning stove to heat my shed so i can still tinker in the cold winter months without freezing to death.

My plan was to make a better furnace for melting aluminum but was debating this with my wife, she made a good point of how many times I would use the furnace Versus how many times we will sit out on a cold afternoon in the garden with a warm wooden stove. I was looking at a few a gas bottle stoves which inspired this, basically it’s a log burner with the lid closed, the butterfly valve in the snout is to control the heat, with the lid open it’s a BBQ fueled by charcoal, it’s not quite finished yet but its only a grill and a ash tray required to finish it. Some friends and I were talking about it over a beer; when suddenly one of them said, you can use a propane stove!
I had priced professionally built wood stoves and found very few under ?400 most where about ?600, so I decided to build my own stove.
They are cheap, plentiful at scrap yards and are heavy-duty enough to withstand the high temperatures generated by a wood fire.

For the chimney stack we used a piece of three-inch muffler pipe which then ties into stove-pipe that goes into our smoking chamber.
The paint was high temp grill paint from the hardware store ( silver and black), and engine paint ( red and green).
The owner had converted an old propane tank into a wood stove for his shack and had even added a cooking surface to it.

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