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Bench plans – build a workbench, router table, miter saw stand, Build a miter saw stand, drill press table, planer stand, lathe stand, sawhorses, and more. Small pieces often require precise routing that just isn't safe on a full-size router table. Clamp the mini table to your workbench as shown in the photo, or slide one of the protruding ends of the back into a flush-mounted bench vise.

For really small pieces, we prefer to hold the workpiece with a miniature clamp, or even secure the workpiece to the end of another piece of wood with double-faced tape or hot-melt glue. If you like this project, please check out our 330+ paper and downloadable woodworking project plans at the WOOD Store. Mark the hole location needed for your largest rotary bit, remove the table, and drill the hole.

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