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We started out with the cheapest possible under cabinet stainless steel range hood that Lowes had to offer in-store.
However, if you are getting ready to sell, I would call your local building inspector and the manufacturer to discuss- we are not planning to ever sell, so we were doing the project from a much different perspective. He tried to do it as neatly as possible, but we still ended up having to use a small piece of wood and putty to repair the area where the divider had been. The screws were placed strategically- we knew that we would be covering them up with trim pieces.

The panel covers up the top the the hood and directs the air downward from the fan to help it circulate.
I am seeing codes that specify that combustable material has to be 30 inches at least from cooktop and the hood you used has a max placement of 24 inches above the cooktop. We placed it in the same location as what was already there, opting to reuse the ductwork rather than ripping apart the wall.
He framed it because we knew that we were going to have to cut the door at an angle at the end so it would sit flush with the hood, so he wanted to have solid wood for a nice finished edge.

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