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Tool shadowing foam uses a high contrast color background with a dark (typically black) main foam with the tool outlines. Whether you have just a few sockets or you've got hundreds, a toolbox socket organizer is a great option for when you are taking your tools with you on the go.
When you're making a toolbox foam organizer at home, make sure you keep the foam tight enough to hold your tools securely, yet still have enough room to fit your fingers in to remove the tool easily.

Shopping for toolbox foam can seem confusing at first, but remember, you should always work to make a custom solution that meets your needs.
Organizing your toolbox is something that most people don't want to do, but in the long run. A good toolbox should not only keep your tools in one general place, but also keep each tool in its own specific location.

Toolbox organization is an activity that few people enjoy doing, but almost everyone benefits from.

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