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Here’s how to make a fabric safety gate for baby and toddlers for the bottom of stairs or between doorways. I made some assembly adjustments when making the fabric safety gate for the bottom of our stairs and it’s worked great! Cut 4 pieces of Velcro long enough to wrap around your banister and attach securely to the back of the fabric safety gate. To open the gate, just slip the ribbon off of the Command Cord Bundlers, roll the gate onto itself a bit, rest it on the stairs, and climb! I designed the gate in Google SketchUp, using the PVC components available from Formufit here. In this step we will start to put together the main gate by attaching the bottom segment with pipes inserted into the top.
IMPORTANT: When installing the gate, make sure that you are installing into a stud, door frame or other solid structure.
Since I had built my Toddler Bed Guard out of PVC, I chose to do something similar for a baby gate.
I tried to make it with features that other baby gates incorporate, such as being attached to a wall or door frame, can be removed, and swings.
What is missing from all the compliments about the gate is the quality of the instructible itself.

I have a doorway that is a non-standard width, and finding a baby gate that fits has become a challenge.
Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Falling down the stairs is so common and so dangerous, if you’ve got a baby in your house, you ought to have safety gates to fit both the top and bottom of all the stairs inside and outside your home. Even though they take a little longer to install, fixed gates will be more reliable than tension-mounted gates that hold to surfaces with rubber feet. Beyond looks, you want to find safety gates that’ll be impossible for a toddler to figure out but easy for adults to operate with one hand.
But it’s a good photo to show you how the fabric baby safety gate is coming together. TIP: I measured my gate height so that it would be right above the horizontal railing here which really helps keep the whole thing from sliding down.
I have bought many Gates for the exact location in my dad’s house and have had no luck. The zip ties secure clear plastic safety sheets that close the gap between the bars and the stairs and is a common safety tactic for stairs like ours.
First its safe (non-toxic) as it’s made from the same type of PVC used in kids toys, and second, it just looks much better.

If you have turned posts, angles or other complex trim details to contend with, look for a gate or adapters with angle mounting brackets, a wood trim kit or straps to attach it firmly. If you’d like to be able to get it out of the way in a hurry for an adult party, for instance, choose a model with quick-release mounting hardware that allows you to remove and replace the gate panel without detaching the hardware from the wall.
Self-closing mechanisms are another great feature, especially in households with other children who might forget that a safety gate can only do its job if it’s closed! We tried store-bought safety gates at the bottom of our stairs but couldn’t figure out how to work around our awkward window angle so had to return them. I just unlatch the ribbon loops from the 3M Command Cord Bundlers (very easy), open the gate and follow her up. You have to judge your own parenting style and your child’s behavior before deciding to use a DIY fabric safety gate. Thank god my husband is quite the handy-man, can’t wait to show him this Homebrew baby safety gate. One of the things that my wife and I found out early is that baby gates are EXPENSIVE if you want quality (around $75 to $100 per gate).

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