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Aluminum pergolas have become very popular over the last couple of years and because of this new found popularity there are now plenty of different types of aluminum based pergola kits for the average DIY man to take on in the backyard.
The interactive chart of aluminum pergola kits below in combination with our ratings will help you to decide which DIY pergola kit will best suit your needs. If you are unsure on how to build a pergola, I recommend heading over to our main Pergola Kit page where I have listed 3 different how to videos which should get you well on your way to constructing your own backyard pergola in no time. Some of the more popular types of outdoor aluminum structures are actually gazebos and not a traditional pergola.
Due to the overall weight and length of our do it yourself pergola kits, we recommend having a second person to help unload the pergola with you.
The wood pergola kit is made with pressure treated pine wood and the vinyl pergolas are built in a white PVC vinyl. Buy pergola kits with the intent of adding additional decoration or furniture to complement its elegance.

Despite aluminum pergolas tending to be stronger and longer lasting than vinyl pergolas and wooden pergolas, they are very competitively priced and will likely be a better long term investment.
The main difference between a pergola and a gazebo is that a gazebo normally has a cover, where as a pergola has an open roof to allow sunlight through and in some cases to encourage planter pots to grow upwards. The pergola kits are made in either wood or vinyl, making them built to endure the elements. Each pergola kit comes with instructions so you will know exactly how to install it in a step by step manner. The pergola is a great place to relax when complemented by the addition of a hot tub, table and chairs.
One thing the pergola does not come with is the anchoring due to a wide variety of surfaces and ways to anchor them; meaning you could get either a rebar or a mobile home anchor, or if it is being placed on concrete you could get an L-shaped bracket and attach it to the cement and the pressure treated 6"x6" post. Browse from six different pergola material types; Western Red Cedar Pergola Kits, Vinyl, Douglas Fir, Aluminum, Fibreglass or Pressure Treated Pine, or search for a pergola style, size or price.

These additions will ensure that our do it yourself pergola kits remain stable enough to endure inclement weather. No matter how you plan on using the pergola it can really help set off the landscape of a backyard. Order one of the do it yourself pergola kits and enjoy what a difference a little something extra can make in your backyard.
Its purpose is to provide a foundation on which climbing plants can be viewed and to give shade."No matter how you define it, there are as many pergola designs as there are imagination and dreams.

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