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Of course, the color of the paneled walls is very distracting and detracts from the beautiful floors, so I want to paint those ASAP.
On the other hand, if you want really light-colored floors, you’ll almost certainly have to use a water-based finish. Waterlox actually makes a cleaner that you can use to mop the floor, but just plain vinegar and water will work also. And don’t forget to check out my other post where I shared a few specific details and tips regarding sanding the floors.

I didn’t fill any nail holes because one person who comments on a previous post said she liked the look of the nail holes on her floor, and regretted having her hubby fill most of the nail holes. I was beginning to think that this hardwood floor refinishing project would never be complete, like I was caught in some Groundhog Day-type loop of never ending sanding. In fact, the day before I applied the first coat of Waterlox, I actually wiped down then entire floor with mineral spirits, and they turned almost exactly that color with just mineral spirits. And just to think that those gorgeous floors were hidden under there the whole time, for about 30 years, beneath green carpet, carpet padding, and a very thick layer of almost-opaque mystery finish that hid the beautiful grain of the oak floors.

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