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Something a bit more understated but still super-cute are Meredith's pom-pom pushpin and magnets. Essential for the knitter in your life. Okay, I know we've seen this idea before, but a reminder around the holidays might be in order: pom-pom garland!
Great for teachers and any other bookworm in your life are these quick, easy, and delightful pom-pom book markers.

With our 36 easy DIY projects, you can decorate your home beautiful at will but with a friendly budget. So I had to laugh when he told me he wanted to try a concrete DIY project as if he had invented that idea. I showed him a bunch of concrete crafts to inspire him, and we decided he’s going to pick a home decor project to try.

In the meantime, if you’d like to try a concrete DIY yourself, click through the slideshow using the arrows at the top right.

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