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For more tips including our honorable mentions for best one credit table service restaurants, check out The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2014 e-Book. We’ve given you just a small sampling of the information that you can find about Disney Dining Plan Credits highlighted in The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2014 — and the guide is your ticket to further cost-savings on your Disney dining! Be sure to check out The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2014 for our tips on Disney Dining Plan Credit Use before your Disney vacation. Excellent timing on this article as we’re trying to figure out whether we go with the dining plan or not on our upcoming 2-week vacation. We are taking our trip next fall and I have done a TON of research lately on where to use our table credits. The sad part of the dining plan is that IMO there are so few decent places to use your table credits at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.
Although I’m not always the biggest proponent of the Disney Dining Plan, I have used it plenty of times, and I think it can be great, especially if you are savvy when making your Advance Dining Reservations and ordering.
Wide swings in price like the example above demonstrate how the value of the Disney Dining Plan can vary widely depending upon where and what guests order.
Several of these Walt Disney World restaurants probably look appealing to you (they better!). Because I’m a vegetarian most of the meals I would eat at a table service restaurant end up being the cheapest on the menu anyway. In-room dining at Grand Floridian from Citricos or Narcoosees — Still costs you two credits each but gratuity and 25% upcharge are both covered by the dining plan. We did the DxDDP last May for our anniversary and we found that with judicious planning – we totally came ahead on cost savings. We followed the same plan you are planning, really nice TS for lunches (Kona Cafe was one and probably was our favorite lunch) and Signature Dining for Dinners (Jiko as our favorite, closely followed by California Grill). I agree with you which is why we usually dont use the dining plan except when offered as part of a promotion or one time when we were treating famiily to a trip and knew they would keep trying to pay for dinner.
We’re trying the dining plan again this year because we got it free with our booking. Let’s get to the DFB guide’s top picks for best value at “one table-service credit” Walt Disney World restaurants. With dinner entrees costing about $30, and a pricey dessert topping $13, your one meal here is a great use of a table service dining credit! Order the $32 Filet Mignon and a dessert at $5-7 to make the most of your table service credit.
Click here to get your copy of The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2014 E-book — and use code 2014 for an extra $4 discount for a limited time! Share your thoughts in the comments below and help us all save money on our next Disney vacation! If we do go on the dining plan, it certainly makes sense to hit up some of these better values and I agree with all of them. At the contemporary, the meals are pricey but with the dining plan it used one meal credit and the service was excellent as well as the food being perfectly prepared with a wonderful flavor palette as well as variety of choices! Epcot has it all, and then a few choice places scattered throughout the resorts, Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk. For the reasons listed in my post discussing the poor credit value of Signature Restaurants, these 2-credit options are generally among the worst per-credit values on the Dining Plan. Although not always the best option for some, I alway use the plan for added value to my vacation frame of mind- paid for before I get there, relax ad enjoy. The reason for this is that we like signature dining and will want to save our table service meals for California Grill, Yachtsman Steakhouse and Narcoosees.
Based on the plan you choose, you’ll receive a certain number of credits to be utilized during your Disney stay.

With a $35 grilled steak entree and $10 desserts (Baklava!!), Kouzzina is a smart choice for your dining credit use! All it requires is that your eating habits at least somewhat closely match the Plan, and that you plan ahead to maximize your value, eating at restaurants that would typically be more expensive if paying out of pocket and ordering the most expensive entrees at these restaurants (you’ve already paid a flat daily fee for the Dining Plan, so ordering the most expensive menu items is actually a good idea on the Dining Plan to get more bang for your buck!). We already know this, so let’s just focus on the five 1-credit Disney Dining Plan restaurants that, on average, offer the worst bang for your buck. No entree here comes near $20, and while this restaurant is a fan-favorite that is frequently recommended as a Magic Kingdom dining gem, this is in large part due to the cheap prices. I wanted to try some Signature dining but did not relish the idea of sitting in a Signature restaurant with two small children (under the age of 3).
We also bought a TIW to use on alcohol (and the two subsequent trips we had planned this year).
I’ve previously detailed why Signature Restaurants are usually a bad use of Disney Dining Plan credits. Those cheap prices make it a great option for those paying out of pocket or using the Tables in Wonderland card, but make it a terrible option for those on the Disney Dining Plan.
For example, on our honeymoon, my wife and I split two days of our trip off as a separate reservation. We would get so tired of eating that we would cancel dining reservations and opt for quick service. We’ll get to what each version of the Disney Dining Plan includes and whether the Disney Dining Plan is worth the money below. I’ve also done quantitative rankings of the 10 best table service restaurants, 10 best counter service restaurants, and 10 best snack credit uses at Walt Disney World, if on the Dining Plan. We purchased the Dining Plan for the first 8 days, but didn’t purchase it for the last two days.
This means that if you want the Disney Dining Plan, you cannot save money by staying off-site or by purchasing discount Walt Disney World tickets through a Disney-authorized ticket seller.
This helped us maximize our bang for buck both out of pocket AND on the Disney Dining Plan.
A lot of information exists about the Disney Dining Plan, with most focusing on how to best utilize these credits so you get better value out of the credits.
In fact, our most popular articles concerning the Disney Dining Plan are our Top 10 Restaurants for Maximizing Table Service Credit Value, Top 10 Restaurants for Maximizing Counter Service Credit Value, and Tips for Maximizing Snack Credit Value. It should be easy to see which Disney Dining Plan best suits your needs, or if the Dining Plan is even necessary. If you only anticipate eating inexpensive meals or want to stay on a tight budget, the Dining Plan probably won’t make a lot of sense.
Also as of May 31, 2015, the definition of a snack has been expanded to include any single serving side item, which means more items will now be considered snacks (snacks were previously determined on a case-by-case basis with the DDP symbol (the purple thing above) denoting what was a snack). If you are a big eater who likes steak and would like to order it at every meal, you can save money with the Disney Dining Plan. This requires that everyone in your party is a big eater, and that all of you use all of your counter service and snack credits wisely (don’t use them at the last minute to take rice krispie treat snacks back home!). As soon as anyone in your party starts ordering chicken or pasta, those savings disappear to the point that you start losing money on the Disney Dining Plan. The Deluxe Dining Plan can be utilized well if you follow the strategy of eating breakfast (or an early lunch) at a Table Service restaurant and dinner at a Signature Table Service Restaurant, plus snacks whenever. You could eat three table service meals to get a lot of value, but for mortals, it’s simply too difficult to eat three Table Service meals per day!
Saving money on the Disney Dining Plan requires a good amount of pre-planning or knowledge of how to work the system if you’re just a normal eater. There have been occasions when we otherwise would have eaten small counter service meals, but because we had the credits to use, we have eaten at Table Service restaurants.

While you can get value out of the Disney Dining Plan, that savings requires sitting down for longer meals and eating a lot of food.
In addition to supposedly being convenient, a lot of its fans advocate the Disney Dining Plan because it helps them stay on a budget and avoid thinking about money on vacation. Viewed in that light, the Disney Dining Plan doesn’t help with a budget, it helps with predictability.
If you love filet mignon, but would shy away from ordering it upon seeing the menu price, the Disney Dining Plan might be for you.ConclusionOverall, whether the Disney Dining Plan is right for you is a highly personal decision based on a lot of variables.
If you use the Disney Dining Plan for your vacation, make sure you do your homework and PLAN!With regard to the Disney Dining Plan and restaurants in general, this article is just a jumping off point. First-time Walt Disney World visitors often underestimate the importance of planning (especially for restaurants, many of which are booked solid months in advance) and have a bad time because they didn’t plan enough.
To further plan your dining at Walt Disney World, check out our Disney Dining Plan Resources page and our Disney Restaurant Reviews page. When the kids were small, I could easily go to the quick service at the hotel and with a slice of pizza and the club offerings, feed them dinner. Reply steve allen Great article, we are DVC members and never take these plans, they are for people who set LOADS, so most floridians!! I have been going for 8 years straight with my daughter and the meal plan use to save you money no matter wait.
Haven’t done it since as we like to pick and choose what we want to do and not feel obligated to use or maximize a plan. Basically what they do is cancel your original reservation and move it to the new reservation. Disney World first timer here, and I have to say I am more overwhelmed with panning this vaca than I was purchasing my first home.
Please explain, my heart is set on staying at Port Orleans – French Quarter but I also want free dining. We went there the week of Dec 2 last year and the free dining plan was a HUGE savings for my family! You would have to take some time to see if Free Dining would save you more money than your Florida Resident Pass. Reply Daffystardust This will be my first attempt at using the Disney Dining Plan (going in late October).
This time I am going with a group that is very excited about the free dining offer, and the overall numbers for the trip do seem to work out well. It will be interesting to see if I enjoy using the credits and if I find the limitations of the dining plan annoying or not. I went in to travel agent and canceled dining plan, we are one meal away from the free dining, I am not paying if they are giving it free to everyone else all week, so I will order from grocery store and delivery service…not cheap, just pissed. Reply Christie On your page here you have that the free Disney dining plan is in October and November. When we call Disney they say that they don’t know if there will be a free dining plan or not in those months (2013).
We are trying to figure out what days to book our vacation, and don’t want to find out too late that the free dining is one week off from when we book. Reply Cajmom At Disney, an adult is 10 years and older so your 14 year old would be considered an adult and you will have to pay the adult upgrade.
Hoping to know if this will be offered and can call right away and get this credit for the dining plan…would be Mickey Mousome!

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