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In addition to being the Blog Admin here at The Mouse For Less, I am also the co-host of the awesome Be Our Guest WDW Trip Planning Podcast.
As far as I know, the character meals (minus a couple of them, like Cinderella’s Royal Table) have always been 1 table service credit. This plan includes two quick service meals, one snack per day, and one resort refillable mug per person. This includes one quick service meal, one table service meal, and one snack per day, per person.
This includes three meals a day (quick or table service), two snacks, and a Disney Rapid Fill Resort Refillable Mug for your resort. Adult meals include one non-alcoholic beverage (or juice at breakfast), one entree and one dessert (lunch and dinner only) OR one full buffet. This means that meal and snack credits do not need to be used on a per-day or per-person basis. At most of the quick service restaurants in the theme parks, you will order your meals from a cashier. The Disney Kids are passionate about all things Disney, however we are not Disney Employees or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company in any way.
All Disney Names, Parks, Resorts, Events, Shows, Attractions, etc are all registered trademarks of The Walt Disney Company. If you add the Dining Plan to your vacation package, you must purchase it for everyone in your room and you must include park tickets in your package. For example, if your family of four is staying for 7 nights on the regular dining plan, at check-in there will be 28 snack credits, 28 quick service credits and 28 table service credits. The thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog do not represent those of the Walt Disney Company or their affiliates.
We’ll get to what each version of the Disney Dining Plan includes and whether the Disney Dining Plan is worth the money below.
This means that if you want the Disney Dining Plan, you cannot save money by staying off-site or by purchasing discount Walt Disney World tickets through a Disney-authorized ticket seller. A lot of information exists about the Disney Dining Plan, with most focusing on how to best utilize these credits so you get better value out of the credits.
In fact, our most popular articles concerning the Disney Dining Plan are our Top 10 Restaurants for Maximizing Table Service Credit Value, Top 10 Restaurants for Maximizing Counter Service Credit Value, and Tips for Maximizing Snack Credit Value.
It should be easy to see which Disney Dining Plan best suits your needs, or if the Dining Plan is even necessary. If you only anticipate eating inexpensive meals or want to stay on a tight budget, the Dining Plan probably won’t make a lot of sense.

Also as of May 31, 2015, the definition of a snack has been expanded to include any single serving side item, which means more items will now be considered snacks (snacks were previously determined on a case-by-case basis with the DDP symbol (the purple thing above) denoting what was a snack). If you are a big eater who likes steak and would like to order it at every meal, you can save money with the Disney Dining Plan. This requires that everyone in your party is a big eater, and that all of you use all of your counter service and snack credits wisely (don’t use them at the last minute to take rice krispie treat snacks back home!). As soon as anyone in your party starts ordering chicken or pasta, those savings disappear to the point that you start losing money on the Disney Dining Plan. The Deluxe Dining Plan can be utilized well if you follow the strategy of eating breakfast (or an early lunch) at a Table Service restaurant and dinner at a Signature Table Service Restaurant, plus snacks whenever. You could eat three table service meals to get a lot of value, but for mortals, it’s simply too difficult to eat three Table Service meals per day! Saving money on the Disney Dining Plan requires a good amount of pre-planning or knowledge of how to work the system if you’re just a normal eater. There have been occasions when we otherwise would have eaten small counter service meals, but because we had the credits to use, we have eaten at Table Service restaurants.
While you can get value out of the Disney Dining Plan, that savings requires sitting down for longer meals and eating a lot of food.
In addition to supposedly being convenient, a lot of its fans advocate the Disney Dining Plan because it helps them stay on a budget and avoid thinking about money on vacation.
Viewed in that light, the Disney Dining Plan doesn’t help with a budget, it helps with predictability. If you love filet mignon, but would shy away from ordering it upon seeing the menu price, the Disney Dining Plan might be for you.ConclusionOverall, whether the Disney Dining Plan is right for you is a highly personal decision based on a lot of variables.
If you use the Disney Dining Plan for your vacation, make sure you do your homework and PLAN!With regard to the Disney Dining Plan and restaurants in general, this article is just a jumping off point. First-time Walt Disney World visitors often underestimate the importance of planning (especially for restaurants, many of which are booked solid months in advance) and have a bad time because they didn’t plan enough. To further plan your dining at Walt Disney World, check out our Disney Dining Plan Resources page and our Disney Restaurant Reviews page. I’ve found that when we are staying club level, continental breakfast, mid-day water and snacks are included so we tend to eat one meal out. When the kids were small, I could easily go to the quick service at the hotel and with a slice of pizza and the club offerings, feed them dinner. Reply steve allen Great article, we are DVC members and never take these plans, they are for people who set LOADS, so most floridians!! I have been going for 8 years straight with my daughter and the meal plan use to save you money no matter wait.

Haven’t done it since as we like to pick and choose what we want to do and not feel obligated to use or maximize a plan. Disney World first timer here, and I have to say I am more overwhelmed with panning this vaca than I was purchasing my first home.
He mentioned me about the different dining plans and the only one mentioned to me about the deluxe, at first I thought this is expensive but when we went, I was glad we did this plan. For sure going again with this plan, plus by booking this I got a gift card, Highly recommend this agency.
Deluxe plan is definietly too much food, but I always do a little doggie bag to have some snacks for the parks. We were staying at Coronado Springs and the regular Dining Plan was free so we just had to pay the upgrade to the Deluxe…great deal! For those of you who have not done this, keep in mind you have to factor in the tip based on the pricey cost of the Signature meals, but its still well worth it:) We had some amazing dinners! Overall, the Deluxe dining plan absolutely added to the magic of our Disney vacation and we’ll most definitely do it again! I keep records of how much every meal would have cost and do the math at the end of the trip….and it is crazy how much you could potentially spend on that much food!
Reply Stephanie I have been checking into the deluxe dining plan, we have always done the regular plan where you only get 1 counter and 1 sit down meal.
Reply Liz Wright I went back and forth trying to decide whether or not to upgrade to the DDP from the regular plan, which we are getting free on our upcoming trip in September.
We actually did 3 meals per day several times on our last 8 day trip and were only in pain one of those days. For us, as a family of 6 we were able to eat at all the places we wouldn’t have if been on the regular plan.
For most parts we will eat a sit down breakfast and a signature evening meal, with a few lunches thrown in here and there. Reply Hilly C ALSO–you MUST make reservations for table service restaurants, especially the signature restaurants, so again, this was easy enough for my husband and I to stay on schedule and eat when we planned to eat (monhs in advance when I made the reservations), but that would have been hard with younger kids, when you need to play it by ear sometimes.

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