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Our wood cremation urns are sometimes offered at a discount if we’ve made a good buy on a particular wood variety. Two types of funeral urns often found among the discount urns are poplar and alder wood urns. These small and medium-sized keepsake urns for cremation ashes are a good choice for people who plan to keep their loved one’s ashes in multiple urns.
Our bronze funeral urns are frequently sold at a discount because we import them at reasonable prices and pass the savings along to you.

In some cases, you may purchase two smaller bronze urns for less than the cost of one full-size urn.
The prices on wooden urns varies more with raw-material cost than either bronze urns or marble urns.
We also offer matching cremation jewelry, so family members may keep a lasting memorial of their loved ones.
You may find low-cost bronze or wood urns here – both of which are always tremendously popular.

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