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I’m a veritable addict for convertible, collapsible, multifunctional pieces (like the modern murphy beds we all went crazy for last month). Judith Cohen is an interior designer whose work is sophisticated, elegant and comfortable. Our ContributorsEdward Leaman is a branding and design innovator who has worked with a number of global retailers such as GAP, Nike and Giorgio Armani.
So it’s no surprise that I flipped over these handsome and multifunctional wall beds designed by British furniture company CLEI.

A resource for designers and shoppers alike, we showcase daily green style finds in fashion, furniture, decor pieces reflecting eco-modern chic. With a well-defined design sense that incorporates clean lines, traditional elements and quality materials, she creates beautiful and luxurious interiors. These Sofa Bricks by Japanese designer Aya Koike invite users to tap their inner-designer to create a wall, a piece of furniture, or an art piece. If one has the budget, custom built-in furniture is perfect; beds, dressers, desks and bookcases can be installed in a tiny bedroom or office, look great and function brilliantly.

Murphy beds are being made by many manufacturers and there are many new retail outlets whose furniture rivals that of custom built.

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