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With the 2009 Presidential Inauguration right around the corner, MTA asked ID to design Commemorative MARC Train tickets that could also be used as keepsake reminders of the historic event. MTA tasked ID with creating a character and illustrations for an informative coloring book to guide children through a trip on Maryland transit. Every month Integrated Designs creates the inserts that go along with your gas and electric bills. MTA's Office of Marketing tasked Integrated Designs to design and produce the 2008 Annual Report. Integrated Designs adds the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF) to it's list of Annual Report designs for 2007, joining the MD State Highway Administration and the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA). Network 2000 tasked Intergated Designs to create a tri-fold brochure to accompany the new look that was created for their web presence. Integrated Designs also added Baltimore Gas & Electric's 2007 Community Outreach report to its growing list of annual publications. Maryland Highway Safety Plan needed a logo design and tri-fold brochure for their Destination Saving Lives initiative.
Integrated Designs has designed and produced Maryland Roads, an award-winning publication, for the last several years.

Integrated Designs teamed with the Bevans Group to design an 8 page pocket folder brochure for Harbor Point Resources, a professional recruiting firm providing services for small to mid-sized organizations as well as Fortune 1000 companies throughout North America. Working with the BG&E Human Resources Department, Integrated Designs created an eye-catching recruiting packet to target college students and mid to entry level engineers. Integrated Designs created this colorful and fun marketing piece for one of Maryland's leading providers of Children's Dentistry and Orthodontics. One Tam: Campaign strategy, name, branding, design of print and digital media to build community support to protect the natural resources of Mt.
The purpose of communications design is to inform, inspire and in most cases motivate an action or behavior change.
GRI framework: Design of the GRI reference sheet consolidating the extensive framework into a convenient handout, which has been circulated internationally.
We stay informed about topics ranging from energy, conservation, design, behavior change and sustainability in the natural and built environment.
We offer high-level design thinking and execution combined with a commitment to promoting sustainable behaviors, smart growth and the preservation of public lands.
In all my years in graphic communications, I have never known a more reliable, creative, conscientious, quality-oriented, and service-minded organization as Integrated Designs.

Crossword puzzles, Word Finds and Connect-the-dots are just a few of the many activites in the book to keep children busy while learning about MTA at the same time.
It has become SHA’s ideal way to provide recognition, boost morale, improve employee relations and educate the 3000+ employees working in multiple locations throughout the state of Maryland. Counihan, the book is 233 beautifull pages covering the past 100 years of Maryland Roads and the State Highway Adminstration.
The designs were so popular that another version was created for the Martin Luther King, Jr. We’ll discuss your book and answer any questions you may have, and get to know each other a bit before deciding whether to work together.

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