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According to a MarketWatch report, a dedicated home-office space is becoming the new must-have room in any home. The best place to build your home office will vary depending upon your home and needs, but a few helpful questions can help narrow down the possibilities.
The next question to ask yourself requires a bit more honesty about how easily distracted you are. Much like deciding where to place your home office, the equipment and supplies you need depend entirely on your work situation. Using the right home office design and proper organization can be the key to helping separate your work and home life. Another key to home office design is color theory, which is the belief that the use of certain colors can and will impact your mood and productivity. Many people have a spare room in their home that is being used as nothing more than a catch-all for storing anything and everything. Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, so you will have no trouble finding a unit that can store all of the extra belongings you’ve piled into your spare room. While this home office may be as simple as a desk in a nook, the report states that 77% of people surveyed would turn any room not dedicated as a bedroom into a home office in their next home. If you have trouble focusing with background noise from children, the television, or other sounds, it may be best to find an underused room in your home such as a spare bedroom or even an unused closet.
Not only does having a window near your desk offer you more than a computer screen or wall to look at, studies have shown that more natural light improves your mood, alertness, and even your metabolism, which can translate into being more productive while working from home as well as saving money on lighting your space.

This way, you can keep all needed files as a soft copy on hand without taking up too much space within your home. For instance, you can minimize the clutter of chords and wires in a small hallway work station by using tubing to run all cables through the same tube, which can be stapled or otherwise secured to run underneath and down the back of your desk, safe and out of the way.
Label the boxes to help organize your documents while at the same time blending in keenly with the surrounding space.
Instead of moving into a larger home or adding on to your existing one, a storage unit allows you to gain more square footage in your home while staying within your budget. However, home-based business owners who want to incorporate fresh new designs into their work environments may have budgetary constraints to consider.
This trend is fueled by more people working from home part-time, as Global Workplace Analytic shows that regularly working at home has grown 103% since 2005—and that’s only among the non-self-employed. If all you need is an area to set up a laptop, then perhaps you can set aside a corner of the dining area with a small desk or make use of the space underneath your stairs. Larger spaces such as this are ideal if your work requires privacy, whether you work with sensitive information or conduct meetings with clients and associates. Rather than fill your office with filing cabinets or stacks of documents, maximize your storage space by utilizing the vertical areas. Use homey decorations that already blend in with the theme and color pattern of your home so that the office space doesn’t reflect the monotonous idea of a boring, cubicle-like space at the office. The best part is, you won’t have to get rid of any valuable items in order to create the room of your dreams.

For those running larger operations, with scanners, printers, and filing cabinets, it’s time to replace that barely used guest room with a productive home office. Take your time in finding the right chair, as it is an investment that will pay huge dividends for your back over time. It could easily be transformed into a man cave, craft room, home gym, game room, home theater, photography studio, trophy room, library, spa, music room, kids’ play room, office, pet room, or anything else you can dream of. From furniture to textiles to artwork, minimalism means fewer items in your office and less strain on your purse. You can also use the same wall space to hang up a cork or whiteboard to write and post memos, ideas, and other notes that can be useful for your work production. This trend relies on a few well chosen pieces, like prints from online source Artismo, that set the tone for your workspace. Consider these tips to transform your work space into a stylish and functional work space.1. Cover it with double folded fabric that compliments the wall color and use no-mark picture hangers to mount it near your desk.
Her latest find: Atlanta-based Artismo offers custom framed art for homes and businesses as well as prints by up and coming artists.

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