Custom Made Wood Dog Crates,Things To Make Out Of Barn Wood,Plans For Cat Tree House - Easy Way

This beautiful wooden dog crate is hand crafted from solid ash wood, and is made to order, insuring the highest of quality for each custom made crate.
The crate features a hand wiped stain that is sealed with 3 coats of water base polyurethane giving a furniture grade finish that is also safe for pets.
The top of this crate is designed to be easily removed so that the inside of the crate can be cleaned, the top also locks in place with two latches that can be easily locked, or unlocked.

This crate also features a furniture grade melamine floor allowing it to be wipe down without causing moisture damage to the crate floor.
The crate is easy to assemble and arrives as a "knock-down" kit which include 6 pre-assembled sections that are connected to each other with 8 screws which are also provided. This high-end, made in America, wooden dog crate is designed to complement your homes furnishings and décor.

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