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Jim, I was given a wood lathe exactly like that but the motor was busted and the belt ring was on the lathe itself. As one of your respondents mentioned, your lathe is missing the cover for the multiple pulley that is powered by the AC motor. While you can do minor turnings with this lathe,you'll soon want to upgrade if you get serious about turning. I would estimate the price at around $150-$200 if it comes complete with motor, lathe and table.

I would make the big one into a good metal lathe and keep the other to use as a small wood lathe. Besides these two I have an Atlas 3950 6x18 customized, 2 Sherline lathes a Duro wood lathe and a ringmaster lathe. I found one on Craig's List including three calipers, a hand built stand and 9 turning tools for $50. I will pick up a lantern tool post for one and a Qtcp and gears for the one I end up keeping.

The turning tools are in great shape.They are in a blue case with the craftsman logo on front and on the wood handles.

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