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Since the beads on a 4x8 sheet of this plywood run lengthwise, you need to cut the sheet into two 4-foot pieces with a circular saw, then set the pieces side by side on the wall to fill the full 6-foot width of the bench. Some people have mudrooms where there is a lot of space so you can implement most of these suggestions. Short of forcing your family to disrobe on the front stoop, your best bet is to create a stopping area just inside the door where everyone can leave the weather behind.On the following pages, This Old House senior technical editor Mark Powers shows how to create the perfect catchall, complete with an open top shelf, coat hooks, and flip-top bench storage. Where two stiles overlap at the corners, the stile on the side of the box has to be narrower than the one on the front so that the paneling looks the same width all around.
Hold the two panels in place next to each other at the line, making sure the rabbets at their edges overlap, and position the seam between them over a stud.
Cut a strip of decorative shoe molding, mitered with outside corners, to fit the full length of the fascia board.
Miter the pieces for outside corners, with the back of the board running the full width of the beadboard and parting bead, and the front extending past the parting bead edging.

Use the narrower stile at the front corner.To create a profile on the inner edge of the 1x4 framing, cut panel molding to fit inside the 1x4 rectangles.
Those great mudroom ideas all had one thing in common they are small spaces, well that and a lot of the solutions were temporary furniture- a small bench, chair or trunk.  So this project we are sharing with you today, will fit perfectly in a small place, and it is simple to build win-win! The width may vary depending on wood material you choose, make adjustments to the plans as needed. Staircase Design and Ideas gives of high Small Entryway Corner Bench Interior Amp Exterior Benches Design Small Entryway Storage Bench picture, image and wallpaper. Measure and mark the placement of three shelf brackets, one to fall at the center and the others 4 to 6 inches in from each end of the fascia board.
The entryway is a great place to put a trash can so people can empty their pockets or purses. Prime the bench, beadboard panel, shelf, and moldings, then paint them with two coats of semigloss latex.

Or a cute holder with clothespins can hang gloves to dry, especially if the kids play in the snow often. Cut the backs to the length and width with a 45 degreemitered edge on the back corner using a table saw or circular saw. Trim the front and sides of a 6-foot-long stock 1x12 shelving board with decorative shoe molding mitered at the corners. This piece will later be hidden by a plywood strip and molding.Screw L-brackets inside the box and to the floor, three inside the front edge and two on each side, to hold the box in place.

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