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It might still be really gloomy outside most of the time {sad face} but bringing in live plants makes everything come to life and reminds me that the days are in fact getting longer and the warm sun WILL return!
Or you can also try the idea in the photo above, the glass is suspended, giving the plants more room to breathe.
I like to mix things up around the house, rearranging the accessories, pairing old and new and texture and gloss for a tablescape. The table inspired by Nakashima, makes your coffee table completely distinct from usual coffee tables.

I got a new coffee table a few weeks ago (from World Market) and I love the rustic touch it brings to my family room. You can put this table in the living room, and the fragrant plants will keep your nose happy all time.
I did just buy two brand new pottery barn weathered pine children’s chairs that work perfectly with the table. Lavender would make a stunning scented coffee table so long as the light is good in the room.

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