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So typically, most exercises involve four main body parts – The abdomen, the arms, shoulders, legs and back. Gym ball exercises can include doing a chest press movement while laying flat on the ball or doing a shoulder press exercise. The swiss ball (also known as a gym ball, exercise ball or fit ball) is a great piece of equipment for all types of exercise. Having discussed it with my friends and getting feedback from some of my readers, it quickly became apparent that most of the exercises seemed too advanced.
What most trainers tend to do is break down their training week by focusing on a separate body part in order to allow a resting period between days.

Because it provides an unstable surface, it is particularly useful for core strengthening and adds extra difficulty to many exercises. Medicine balls are often chest bodyweight exercises in a tiered rack with the larger balls on the bottom, and the smaller balls near the top. So what i’ve decided to gym ball core exercises in this blog post is to talk about 3 simple gym ball exercises which you can do today, which will hopefully help kick start your routine.
In some cases, a Swiss ball can make an exercise easier too, for example a Swiss ball squat exercise helps maintain form for those new to squatting.
Choose a lighter ball the first few times you perform this exercise, then choose a heavier one after you are more familiar with the movement.

Hold the medicine ball near your chest, then lean back from your hips keeping your back gym ball core exercises.

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