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Prowell's signature Gate Design--style #10, with the accompanying Cedar Arbor #1 in San Diego, California. Another of the Wood Gate Designs for Claremont, CA similar to #10-1 in it's upper grid layout, but with a lower solid panel shown here. The Grid-Weave Fence Panels in Claremont, CA were developed specifically to compliment the Garden Gate #10.
I wanted to round the top of my gate, but I also wanted it to sit above the top of the fence. To fix the front, I cut a scrap picket to fill in the gap across the bottom, then covered it with  a picket, cut to fit the width of the gate.

Use a pencil to trace along the wood, transferring the arch shape onto the top of your gate. After the cedar had time to dry out a bit, about six weeks, I sealed it with a UV blocking sealer. You may also have noticed that a black stain from the hardware has bled on the front of the gate. The systemic methodologies developed with the original Prowell Garden Gate and spread to a panoply of products. The installer or stone masons will set a temporary or mock jamb to their block core, allowing them to continue with the construction while the gates are in production.

To add your gate to a growing, sizable collection of gates stashed somewhere in the Allegheny wilderness.

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