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Cat tree house plans free,how to use lacquer thinner on wood,build your own patio furniture with pallets,backyard playhouse diy - . This cat tree is totally unique and is  a new line of stylish cat furniture, which is from china, named cats.
Cat tree provide enough place to cat with climbing and jumping .but, even the cheapest cat tree is around 100. Below is the cat tree plan, you can check the details of the cat tree, and follow it to cut the wood.

Due to limitations of material size, I used the two plates could be combined to increase the thickness. The white tower and scratcher is really cute.This cat tree is lovely to look at and so practical!! That is wow!DIY cat tree will save yourself hundreds of dollars by buying cat tower at the store and NOT investing in the tools, materials and time it would take to build your own. Just that I have selected solid wood to make cat tree for my cat, strong and durable environmental protection..

Don't worry about these two things will hurt the cat, because I have been in practice for a year, completely OK.
I'm trying to make this modern cat house, and I'm not sure that I see all of the plans there!

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