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There should be a place in the bracket for a screw – you drill it upwards into the bottom side of the shelf.
The stroller is actually a cat stroller and we ran out of shelves to make a pathway over the door.
Nancy: We used some screws to attach the shelves to the brackets but it was difficult to find some that were short enough.
To secure cat shelves to brackets you can also use automotive double side tape (or even thin carpetting double side tape). The primary aplication for the automotive one is to stick lower body aero kits or decoration only rear wings, as well as any exterior accessory not requiring drilling of the bodywork (extra back up mirror for example).
I made 3 step climbing steps that go along both sides our wall mirror that lead to a longer shelf for stalking us humans. Kacy Turner from Fairfax, Virginia created this spectacular cat climbing wall with step shelves leading to the long shelves below the transom windows overlooking the deck and backyard.
She used simple wooden shelves with trim and decorative braces to create sturdy and attractive shelves. We'll help you plan out your room or rooms in a way to best optimize your cat's vertical space. Kate’s design expertise and Jackson’s cat behavior know-how combine to create cat-friendly environments that are sure to please both human and feline family members alike.

Paint everything white and add some carpet on top and you’ve got a beautiful, cat-friendly wall element.
The way you placed all the shelves look stunning with all the adorable cat pictures of your felines!
Our series of cat trees and wall-mounted shelves, tunnels and stairs can help you create a cat superhighway that means the tree dwellers in your life will never have to touch the floor again unless they want to! Once your home is CATified, your kitties will be able to enjoy kitty TV (aka windows) and reach those formerly unreachable places, like the tops of entertainment centers or bookcases.
I have 64 inch long shelves that I did this to and they’re secured find the cats can jump on them, walk across them, lay on them with them being totally secured to the wall! But most importantly, since he has not met your cat, it would be contrary to his approach for him to give specific personalized advice for your specific situation. Add a few more shelves, extending across the top of the doorway, and this becomes a cat superhighway, not just an isolated climbing wall. That being said, general questions and issues are addressed throughout this blog, in his book Cat Daddy and of course, the show My Cat From Hell.
My house is small, and I am looking to do something “catty” in every room in the house-so much more stimulation for all 5 of my cats!
Any room can become a cat paradise by creating the vertical spaces that allow your cats to literally climb the walls in style. We built a 15' Cat Walk with two Cat Tunnels, a Guard Rail for kitten safety and a couple options for the cats to get up and down.

Because of the several wall-mounted piecesaround the room, Ivan only has to touch the ground when he wants to.Talk about a room with a view! Here's what our friends at the Branford Compassion Club cat rescue have done with our cat shelves, tunnels and stairs.
Eric's cats, Gus and Gordo, love their new Cat Perches and Cat Shelves that provide the ultimate in Kitty TV!
From left to right we've got a 4-Step Cat Stair, a Double Shelf, a Cat Tunnel, a Double Shelf and a Single Shelf.
The shelves were done in a custom brown semi gloss paint for easy cleaning.Here's Rizdoll looking fabulous on the 3-Step Stairs. Sandwich, is an expert cat furniture tester(Picture submitted by Anna Lee's mom, Laurie)Erin says her adorable cat, Otis, loves his Corner Cat Stair and his other new Vertical Cat cat furniture! He LOVES them!!"Susan's cat, Ellie Mae takes a snooze on one of our Cat Stairs, enjoying all the comforts of being a kitty."I'm a kitten and the stairs help me get to those hard to get places.

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