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These vinyl tortoise pickguard sheets are available in a variety of colors, patterns and sheet sizes. When it comes to high quality, flexible wood veneer sheets and wood edgebanding you have choices at WiseWood Veneer.
When your project calls for all wood veneer sheets 2-Ply wood backed veneer is the product for you.
WiseWood wood veneer edgebanding is the perfect compliment and finishing touch on your veneered panels and edges. Plain text version of website: MCB Wood Veneer SUPPLIES Buy Iron-on Veneer,Self Adhesive Veneer, Sheet Veneer. The all wood construction of wood on wood sheets also helps to camouflage edge lines giving your project a cleaner appearance. Each kit comes complete with a sheet(s) of peel and stick veneer, hot melt adhesive edge banding, a veneer scraper, a snap off blade utility knife, and other useful accessories. The ideal environment to achieve equilibrium with your veneer is defined as 30-55% relative humidity at a temperature range between 55-85 degrees F. Prior to application, allow your veneer a minimum of 48-72 hours lying flat out of the box within the range of conditions stated. A page dedicated to serious comments, questions and matters of interest, for wood veneer users, by wood veneer users, regarding this site and their experiences with using wood veneer.
All sheet images on this site are as true to colour as possible, but being natural wood, grain and shade variations are inevitable. For items not on buy now buttons (special order) please allow 4 working days after payment for dispatch, unless otherwise advised. Our standard raw sheet wood veneers are 0.6mm thick and sold by square foot price at stock sheet size. Iron-on, PSA (self adhesive) & constructional wood veneers are sold by the sheet price.

Remember raw sheet wood veneers are only as wide as the trees from which they are cut, and species of trees vary enormously in size. When contacting your suppliers ask about the wood veneer they have in stock to accommodate your specific requirements. Where there is a large area to cover or a special effect is desired you can have great fun by using book-matched wood veneers. Often this process is applied when using Burr wood due to it's smaller size, as one would not expect to obtain a single Burr of much more than six square feet. When cutting any wood veneer always allow a minimum of three millimetres overlap to every edge. It is always better to cut your own edging from the top sheet in order to achieve a matching grain to the edges of your piece. Always apply edging before applying the top sheet as you do not want to see a joint, no matter how small, on the main surface of your work. Glue film adhesive is a hot melt adhesive film on a release paper backing, which is applied to the article (substrate) you wish to veneer using a domestic iron on a medium setting. When applying the wood veneer it is advisable to use a sheet of brown wrapping paper (avoid printed paper) between the wood veneer and the iron to avoid scorching.
The setting time for hot melt glue film is practically instant, depending on the temperature of the actual Adhesive. Hot melt wood veneer adhesive is also very economical because even small pieces can be patched together to cover large areas. When using contact adhesives it will usually have to be applied to both surfaces which are allowed to dry before being ready for application. WiseWood Veneer is pleased to offer our reconstituted veneer as an environmentally friendly alternative to some of the more rare and expensive exotic wood species.
Our Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backed Veneer is in stock and immediately available in 16 standard wood species (right).

Quality wood veneers are expertly joined to create continuous rolls of ready to use trim to finish off unsightly edges. You also have a choice between a pre-glued hot melt adhesive or a fleece-back for automated applications. The veneer and edgebanding will accept stains and finishes well so customizing and matching colors is also a snap. We offer a wide variety of flexible veneers for almost any budget, application or purely aesthetic value. Wood veneer is a versatile, organic material that reacts to changes in environmental conditions. When you receive your veneer it needs to acclimatize to conditions in your environment to reach equilibrium. This is an excellent alternative to traditional laminate backed veneer which is stiff and more susceptible to breaking or splitting. PSA veneer is ideal for cabinet re-facing, re-doing speaker cabinets and general veneering on a variety of surfaces. The perpendicular grain between the two layers adds stability and flexibility to the veneer sheet and the extra thickness helps to protect against substrate telegraphing.
Made with fast growing renewable natural wood sources, reconstituted veneer is produced by laminating different colors of dyed veneer in alternating layers.

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