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Bunk beds are a lot of fun for kids, but they're even more fun when you suspend them from the walls!
Because we wanted these beds to look like bunks on a pirate ship, Monica and Jess went with a very simple design. Building bunkbeds might seem like a daunting task, but using this simple design, it's definitely a doable weekend project!
Innovation Diy Bunk Beds Ideas : Diy Bunk Beds DesignWhen you have several children sharing a room, fact of putting them in diy bunk beds will save much space. The headers and footers wooden bed can transform the way your bed looks, but connecting with steel bed frame can be confusing.
The trundle bed frame is those that include thin frames and mattresses, box springs without leaving space for storage drawers below. Screw the frame together using tough lag screws that are specifcally designed to hold a lot of weight.

Stain or paint the bunk beds with your desired color and seal with a water-based polyurethane. Since our bunk beds were being hung in a corner, we screwed the frames directly into the studs in the wall at the top of the bed and along the sides. Since headers and footers wooden bed are generally designed to connect with wooden rails with hooks on the end, making the steel frames incompatible. In some cases the drawer under a trundle bed includes another mattress, allowing effectively double bed size.
Once assembled the mattress rests inside the frame, with a little room all the way around for sheets and blankets to fit.
Then, for the end that was left "floating," we used galvanized steel pipes that were screwed into the wall and then into the bed. If you do not want this to happen and she is comfortable, here we tell you how to decorate men’s bedroom ideas.

Your local hardware store can cut the pipes to your desired length and help determine the fittings (flanges) you'll need to attach them to the wall and bed. You can gather Diy Bunk Beds Design guide and read the latest Innovation Diy Bunk Beds Ideas in here.
Place curtains from lower edge of bed above to protect bed from below and from roof down to create a privacy screen for top bunk.

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